Our research

HSC's research activities are concentrated in biotechnology R&D, associated with the world trends in the development of advanced reproductive technology, stem cell and gene technology. HSC brings together the world's leading experts with experience in the transfer of modern biotechnology into basic and applied research in Vietnam and authors of pioneering works in the fields of:

  • Pioneering research in embryo biotechnology, achieving the first successful embryo transfer in an experimental animal in 1978 and a domestic animal in 1986. Notably, in 2002, we achieved a breakthrough with the first successful production and transfer of in vitro fertilization and sexing embryos.
  • Advancements in cryobiology, including the world's first successful rapid freezing of embryos in 1983 and the groundbreaking achievement of the first successful vitrification of somatic cloning embryos in 2000. 
  • Leading the way in human-assisted reproductive technology, with the initiation of the first successful semen cryobanking and its application for infertility treatment in 1999.
  • Pioneering research in somatic cloning and cell reprogramming, marked by the first successful application of interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer in wild endangered animal species during the years 1998-2000. 
  • Significant contributions to stem cell biotechnology, achieving the first successful cryopreservation and differentiation of MSC cells during the period of 2008-2010.



Our Project

HSC experts have led various research and development (R&D) and technology transfer initiatives at both national and international collaboration levels, forging close partnerships with research counterparts in France, the USA, Japan, Thailand, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Germany.



HSC has conducted different R&D and technology transfer projects that employ a combination of advanced reproductive technologies and molecular biology techniques. These endeavours aim to decipher the genetic characteristics of various species, establish cryobanking for biodiversity conservation, support sustainable livestock production, and enhance community health care. The implementation of HSC projects is grounded in a standardized technological infrastructure, facilitating effective integration of international cooperation and seamless technology transfer. 

HSC is currently implementing the Hoa Lac Stem Cell Technology Platform Project (HOSTEP). This project aims to contribute to the development of stem cell bioprocessing and manufacturing technology in line with the updated international standards on quality, safety, and effectiveness to meet the growing demand for stem cell therapy in Vietnam and the region.

HOSTEP is based in the R&D zone of Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park and operates under the program of science and technology sectors, which are prioritized by the Government of Vietnam for investment in research and development.

HOSTEP facilities and structure include:

  1. Cryobanking system for reproductive and stem cell according to cGMP international standard
  2. Technology R&D Center, which implements international technology transfer to create highly adaptable stem cell -gene products for research and medical application.
  3. Pilot Manufactory Center, which develops 3D stem cell culture products for scientific research, clinic therapy and pharmacetical industry.
  4. Training Center, which provides training and services for the  implementing HOSTEP-Hospitals stem cells therapy Network.